Body Armor

Next Generation Body Armor

Nano-architectured magnesium-titanium alloy that is custom made for the individual. This requires a 3D scan of the body and results in a body suit that is resistant to most impacts. It covers the body from the lower neck to knees and the arms to the wrists. It is quite effective against all impact damage, but only moderately effective against blades.

It takes a full month to manufacture one suit. The suit is custom made to the individual.  Upon impact, it immediately hardens and disperses the blow across the entire suit. It takes ½ a round to return to normal. The suit will stop any bullet of .40 caliber or less (6 damage reduction). Any damage over 6 goes to the wearer. It has a damage reduction of 2 for blades. Any damage over 2 goes to the wearer.

The suit can take 72 points of damage before it is worthless. The suit has a digital readout of its remaining life.