AR Project

The Augmented Reality (AR) Project

This is an off-shoot the the Medical HUD Contacts (HUDMC) program. With the advances in technology, a heads up display can now be placed in a contact lens. There are some limitations. Full color spectrum is not available at this time. Perhaps in the future this will be possible.

The contacts are linked via a personal area network (PAN), using the body as a conductor. For the contacts to work, the user must have a PAN Computer (PANC). The PANC is a wristwatch sized device that can be worn on the wrist, upper arm, ankle or similar body part. It also provides power for the display. Updates to the device requires a cellular connection (it actually uses a wide-band, spread spectrum for updates). It will last for 72 hours without charging.

AR Contacts (ARC)


  • Map overlay of what you see, essentially a GPS
  • GPS coordinates and compass direction
  • With a live cell connection, can recieve directions
  • Identify others wearing similar devices, and if know to the system, will identify them
  • Can magnify normal vision up to 3x for close up vision only
  • Can filter the color spectrum/apply a polarizing effect to enhance low-light situations
  • Can also protect the eyes from bright lights (reduces effects of dazzlers/flash bangs)

Upgrades are available only with hard line update to a Master PANC (MPANC).