Things I Know

Information I have found to be true

Aliens are real. The grays are here. They use an anti-gravity propulsion system. They are telepathic but can speak.

Aliens are experimenting on humans and animals. Just look at all of the abductions and animal mutilation.

The government knows and is actively hiding it and working with the grays.

Most of the major scientific breakthroughs in the 19th century are a direct result of alien technology transfer. Just look at the transistor, computers, and stealth and propulsion technologies.

MKULTRA is a CIA mind control and chemical interrogation that is still being run. What we do know is just scratching the surface. Circumstantial evidence points to being able to wipe memories and are using alien technology as well.

Majestic 12 (MJ12) is the government organization behind the cover-ups. I have the names of two of them: Dr. Abner Ringwood and Dr. Edward Penn. I am not sure where they fit in exactly though Ringwood is high up in the organization.


Project DANCER – Alien bodies studied

Project OVERVIEW – Alien structures on the Moon and Mars

Project REDLIGHT – Groom Lake – Implementing alien technology: stealth, anti-gravity, cybernetics

Project BOUNCE – YY-II facility – Cancelled 1988 – Creating genetic warriors, major failure

The Army of the Third Eye – Paramilitary cult like organization with terrorist overtones; Started by Lee Coleman, American in 1989. He became convinced a ‘demon’ was controlling his mind and he drilled a hole into his forehead to destroy the beast. He was committed to a psychiatric facility only to escape a few months later. He started kidnapping people who he thought were possessed as he was and then ‘trepanned’ them as he did himself. Initially many died. Those that survived became fanatical followers. Rumor has it that British MI13 closed them down less than two years ago. Remaining members are institutionalized in the UK.

Vampires and Werewolves are real. I don’t have any proof. But I know it.

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