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Introduction to Q Cell Saves the World

The Ski Trip

After a rather grueling 3 week expedition to some god forsaken bit of desert in Southeast Asia, you all have been granted a week of paid R&R! Actually, it is on the orders of the company shrinks, they think it is a great idea to keep from losing any more people (i.e. nervous break downs or killing someone...).

Your all expenses paid trip to is to Breckenridge Ski Resort, Colorado. You’ll fly into Denver, pick up your SUV rental (an Escalade), and head down I-70 about 83 miles to the resort. Where you will stay in your luxury condo on the resort and ski the week away on the pristine slope. Weather forcasts promise one to two feet of fresh snow...

It starts snow heavily as you land in Denver. The weather starts turning worse at as soon as you leave Denver. Looks like a bit more than what was forcasted... As you take the ramp right for I-70 West towards Grand Junction, it is getting really bad. You really should be looking for a point to stop…Welcome to Clearwater…

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