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  • Matrix WorkSheet for Stats (PDF)
  • Call of Cthulhu D20 Character Sheet (PDF)
  • Psychic Abilities Player Character Reference Sheet (PDF) *NEW*
  • Psychic Powers Summary Reference Sheet (PDF) *NEW*
  • Psychic Abilities/Powers Rules (PDF) *NEW*
  • Errata and Notes: Call of Cthulhu D20 (PDF)
  • Errata: Delta Green COC/D20 (PDF)
  • Old Downloads (Previous Adventures) - Old Downloads
  • Droid/Weapon Sheet (ZIP)

Group Downloads:

Future Perfect - Part 1

  • Map of Death Valley and Surrounds (PDF)
  • Map showing location of body (PDF)
  • Victim #1: Clifford Potter Dossier (PDF)
  • Victim #2: Lucille Mayer Dossier (PDF)
  • Potter House Map (PDF)
  • The Intervwiew with Montgomery Greene (PDF)
  • Notebook Drawing (PDF)
  • Cube (PDF)
  • The Greenes (PDF)
  • Murder Weapon (PDF)
  • Hunt ElecroDynamics Plant #004 (PDF)
  • The Finale (PDF)

Future Perfect - Part 2

  • Chester, Ohio Map (JPG/PDF)
  • Chester, Ohio Info(PDF)
  • The Adena Mound Builders (PDF)

Oscar's Downloads:

  • Bertha's Lair - Map (PDF Notes Location)
  • Top Secret Memo from Anon13583 (PDF)
  • Character Sheet (PDF) as of 12/13/2009

Trish's Downloads:

  • Character Sheet (PDF) as of 12/13/2009
  • Grid Sheets (PDF)

Eric's Downloads:

  • Character Sheet (PDF) as of 12/13/2009