Demolitions Tools

Cell Phone Remote Detonator:

Dial a number explodes a bomb. Works where ever there is cell coverage.

Virbation/Acoustic Detonator:

Set the sound or vibration level and when exceeded  it explodes a bomb.

Key Fob Detonator:

Smaller version of the above, range limited to 50 feet.


Designed to be detonated with the Key Fob Detonator, but due to the small size, range is limited to 20 feet. Idea for small charges (locks, tires, etc.).

Flash-Bang Grenade:

Everything in a 30 foot radius is blinded and deafend for 6-12 rounds unless a save vs. Fort DC20 for half; an additional Dex vs. DC20 will negate all damage.

Building Implosion Simulator:

Allows the demolitions expert to simulated an implosion of a building once all of parameters are entered. Calculations can take up to two hours for initial run, not including setup time. DC20 to determine accuracy of imputted data. Allows for a 90% accuracy on placement/amount of explosives/timing of detonations.

Electronic Rocket Launcher:

This electronic rocket launcher fires custom made rockets 1” in diameter, by 12” in length. The launcher is completely disassemblable; however, rocket are not. There is a laser targeting system built in, with a biometric lock (hand print scan) on the firing mechanism. The weapon must be recharged after firing 10 rockets. Misfire chance is 98%.

Round: Special – fires mini-rockets with C-8 payload, impact detonation. 5 yard safety fuse.
Damage: 4d10 within 5’radius
Critical: X2
Capacity: 1
Rate of Fire: 1/2 (1r to load; 1r to target)
Range: 200 yards (-10 to hit for anything under 25 yards)

Astrolite: The Liquid Land Mine

This product was a failed effort to develop a high-energy rocket fuel during Vietnam; however, what they created was a bit too powerful. You can literally spray it on soil and it will remain active for upto 4 days, even in rain before it will deactivate itself. It can be mixed with an adhesive spray foam to stick to doors or hinges or sprayed as a liquid directly on to soil and detonated with vibration or acoustic detonator. Damage listed below is for 6 inch diameter of Astrolite when used as a liquid land mine. A foam applicator container will typically have enough for 4 -6 inch lines of explosive. The liquid appilcator typically contains enough for 3 - 6 inch in diameter applications

Liquid Land MIne - 6 inches in diameter
Damage: 4d10 within a 15' radius; 1d10 within 30' radius
REF Save: 1/2 damage

Foam Explosive - 6 inch line
Damage: 2d10 directed blast to item it is adhered to
                  1d10 within 5' of the line
REF Save: 1/2 damage

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