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Welcome To WestFall Underwriters

About a month ago, each of you received a new identity. This is for your safety. Please read you background and history: where you grew up, universities attended, major life events, and previous work history. You may need to bet your life on it. If you are having problems remembering, we have professionals who can help.

You are all told to go to 1021 Broad Street, Boston, Ma. to the West Fall Building. At the front desk, give them your name and tell the on duty security that you are a new hire.

This is what transpired… (After walking through the metal detectors).

Welcome to West Falls Underwriters. We insure and ensure the safety of thousands of clients worldwide. Not only are we high risk insurers, but we also provide limited personal and site security for the elite and we are THE contractors for the Department of Homeland Security.

You have joined a selective few. Please be sure to read your employee manual, and if the dress code has not been explained to you, please read section 14 in its entirety.

You have a variety of forms in front of you. Please be sure to fill out all of them…I am sure you’d like to be paid and have medical insurance. Please pay careful note to the preferred provider clause. When in doubt, call the emergency 800 number. I would suggest memorizing this number. Also note the Release of Liability and Insurance form; you will not be issued your company car without it.

Additionally, please note on the 401K forms, you can request to visit with one of our retirement’s brokers to customize your 401K portfolio. Just check the appropriate box on the form.

Last but not least is the non-disclosure, non-compete form. Please read and sign this form immediately.

After everyone completes their forms, we will take a trip down to security for badges, IDs and retinal scans. When finished with security, we are all going to head to Finance to drop off your payroll forms and, your company credit card, and car keys. Please remember that the card is for official use only.

Medical will meet you in your office area for any follow-ups needed (immunizations for travel).

Company Provided Equipment:

  • Smart phone – secure encrypted
  • Access Badge – Sub-level 12 (Secure RFID)
  • Company ID card (RFID)
  • Company Credit Card (Visa Platinum)
  • Medical ID card with 800 emergency number
  • Black Ford Escape Hybrid – Keys and security fob issued.

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