House Rules

Character Generation

  • Roll 3d6 in a 6x6 matrix (download the matrix here)
  • Keep the highest number in the row
  • Record them in order: STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHR
  • Start with maxium hit points (6 + any CON bonus)
  • In this campaign, we are starting all characters at 4th level. Adjust your character sheets.
  • Starting money is as per the rule book.
  • Defensive Option Variant Rule is allowed.


  • Starting Sanity is 5 times your Wisdom score. Maximum possible Sanity is your starting Sanity minus your Cthulhu Mythos Score.
  • Losing half of your Wisdom score or 5 points in one event or in a hour, will lead to a temporary insanity.
  • Losing more than 20% Sanity points, in an hour, will lead to an indefinate insanity. Calculate this number at the start of the day.

Psychic Powers/Abilities

I am not sure of the original source material where I got the idea from, so if you recognize it, let me know so I can give proper attribution. Your character must have a WIS of at least 10. The material can be found here: Pyschic Abilities and Powers. You can also get them from the download page.

Mythos Magic...

We are going to use the rules presented in Mythos Magic, Monograph #0341. It provides a way to use magic and not go totally insane, while keeping it playable. I got mine from here.